Tower Garden Growing System Review

I’m guessing you’re on the hunt for some kind of vegetable growing system? Namely the Tower Garden by Juice Plus. (pictured above).

Before you jump in and read other websites, you really should be aware of the many problems surrounding some of the the Tower Garden growing system reviews.

Here are a few words of warning prior to buying a new vertical growing system from this company.


5 Serious Pitfalls To Look Out For

1) The Sales Vulture


Often people writing internet reviews for these systems are earning a hefty commission from the sale. So of course they are going to tell you this  thing is the best product since sliced bread.

If a review gives you the pros as well as the cons then you’re more likely to be getting an honest opinion rather than a blatant sales pitch.

Watch out for overly sell, sell, sell style write ups on anything you are looking at.

Also if the reviewer can give you genuine personal experience of the product with a video or pictures then you know you are more than likely talking to a real person with experience.

2) Falsely Over Priced

Hundred Bill Corners

Do you really need to pay $500 (and that’s the absolute bare minimum for this tower garden product) for a plastic vegetable growing system?

There are many other vertical towers out there that are way cheaper and can do just as good a job.

Serious point: Juice Plus Tower Garden growing systems are an MLM product.

This means that a far greater percentage of the price is added on for commission purposes compared to other similar products.

This is because there are many sales people to be paid down a number of “levels”.

Really, the reason you are paying so much more is to pay a higher number of sales people than normal.

You are not paying more for a better product. You are paying more to pay more sales reps.

When a product has  to pay people down a number of levels it normally means that the retail price has been inflated to allow for this.

As you see the price of other vertical growers recommended on this site, you will see exactly what I mean.

I don’t necessarily think there is anything wrong with someone getting commission for recommending products online. Well, that’s what I’m doing on different parts of this website.

The difference with me is that, unlike the Juice Plus reps , I’m not tied to recommending any single product.

So I’m quite happy to tell you if I don’t like something. I’ll select the products that I truly believe are best and tell you all about them.

3) Do You Have Space?


If you have some garden space some growers believe it’s just as good to plant and grow your vegetables in the traditional fashion. Otherwise perhaps the tower is just a gimmick.

Many forum discussions do argue intensely over this point. A large debate on this particular subject is raging itself away as you read.

Although the main consensus does seem to be that vertical growing systems do help with reducing pest issues.

Most plant pests are incubated in soil so a hydroponic system does help with this. (A good point to remember.)

Vertical garden users themselves, especially of the hydroponic variety, are convinced that vertical towers are way better than growing in the ground.

But soil bed fans argue that if you tend to your plants correctly and supply nutrient dense soil there is little or no difference to both the end result in time and produce quality.


4) Do You Have a Little Time?


If you have a little time, building your own vertical garden can be done for a fraction of the price compared to buying a pre-bulit model.

If you are on a budget, it can be done for as little as $50. This is a tenth of the average price for buying a ready to go system.

A home built system could have an expected lifespan of 10-15 years making a cost of only $5 per year.

Not only that, making your own means you can custom build to your own liking.

Bottles, tubing, troughs or many discarded scrap items can be used.

5) Expensive Extras


It can be as much as $40 for growing solutions (tonic) for the Tower Garden. This is for their specialised mix. Shipping can be as much as $20 on top.

These can however last for a whole year. The solution you buy is diluted before use. According to their website you can get two hundred litres from a $40 two litre nutrient solution.

Lets Get Positive

thumbs up

Ok so I’ve been a bit negative so far. For a bit of a change, lets go over some of the positives of this product.

  • You can grow plants in limited space.
  • You can grow plants and vegetables very quickly. Lettuce for example can be ready in around three weeks.
  • You can grow indoors in an apartment or on a small patio. You don’t need a garden or an outdoor space.
  • If you are growing indoors you can grow all year round.
  • You have the ability to grow organically.
  • A study done by NASA concluded that hydroponic growing can be as much as two times faster and produce 30% more yield than traditional methods. NASA.
  • The earlier quoted “expensive extras” actually last a whole year. That is the nutrient solution ($40 + shipping). The reason for this is that you water it down to create 200 gallons from just two gallons.
  • But you are not tied into buying their formula. You could buy from other suppliers and still get less expensive solution.
  • You can sometimes get second hand ones on Amazon.

Actually it’s not that bad a piece of kit. It’s available on Amazon for anything from $500 to $300.

Here is  a great video detailing a summary of the Juice Plus Tower Garden.

But really —– Why Pay More Than You Have To?


I just said that the the Tower Garden isn’t all that bad. Well that’s true. However, all these advantages can also be attributed to almost any other vertical growing tower.  So why pay more? I really don’t know.

Alternative Options


After a lot of browsing and searching, I came up with a couple of better options. One that keeps cropping up time and time again with rave reviews in gardening forums and on Amazon is the Grow Up Hydrogarden System.

At $200 cheaper than the Juice Plus Tower it’s well worth a mention.

My # 1 Hydroponic Tower Recommendation

Grow Up Hydrogarden Kick Starter Pack

  • Cost: $299
  • Cheapest: $230 on Amazon
  • Outdoors: Yes
  • Indoors: Yes
  • Growing Pots: Yes
  • Water Pump:Yes
  • Nutrient Solution:Yes
  • Grow medium: Yes
  • Good to Go: Yes
  • Growing capacity: 20 plants.
  • Looks: 8/10
  • Price: 9/10
  • Growing capacity 10/10
  • Overall Rating 9/10 – Very good indeed.


Ok so it’s not so pretty as the Juice Plus one, however at a $200 dollar reduction for a very similar system makes it worth a serious look.

The full kit includes all nutrients and growth medium. The medium and nutrients could potentially last you all of your first year, this is good value.

It can be used outdoors or indoors as suits you best.

Five growing pots give you a growing capacity of twenty plants. (The same as Juice Plus system.) This is enough to keep you going.

I have seen many forum posts from users of this system where people say that their lettuces are ready in just three weeks.

A submersible water pump means it can be stored in the twenty litre water tank and not be seen.

Ideal for people who have a  little money spare and don’t have the time to go out and get all the parts and then make it themselves.

Reviews from customers on Amazon who have both the Grow Up Hydro and the Juice plus Tower actually say this product is better than the Juice Plus one despite being $200 cheaper.

That would be nearly $300 cheaper than the Juice Plus one! But that price cannot be guaranteed.

Read our Full Review on Grow up Hydrogarden Here.

If you have fallen in love with the idea of the tower garden, I’d say go for it anyway. But if you’d like to save a bit of cash try out the Grow Up Hydro Garden.

If you have any suggestions of better systems that may benefit readers of this website please feel free to comment below.

See our Number one Recommended Vertical Garden Here.

Further Recommendations To Follow in The Coming Weeks.

100 thoughts on “Tower Garden Growing System Review”

  1. This is a very honest and upfront review of the tower garden growing system. I bet a lot of people didn’t realize it is a multi-level-marketing product, so thank you for opening our eyes. Look forward to your articles about recommendations on alternative options. Do place a link to the new article from this page once it’s ready.

    1. Thanks Edward.

      I’m sure it’s not too bad a product really. – it’s just unfortunate that the marketing strategy requires a price hike.

      I am planning to actually add a couple of other recommended products to this review – please look back soon 🙂

      1. The link
        “See our number 1 recommended vertical garden”

        Says error 404

        Was this the only thing you were hoping to post in coming weeks?

      2. Unfortunately, you don’t know what you’re talking about re mlm.. while it’s POSSIBLE there are inflated prices, IN FACT- the entire point of the mlm marketing model allows for LESS EXPENSE passed onto the consumer. FYI I’m not associated w/tower garden, can’t speak to its quality or anything, I stumbled here looking it up. But your explanation of why “inflated prices are built in to mlm” is totally bogus & not based on an educated perspective. Go do some research on how much $$ it costs a traditional biz to market their products, get brand awareness, jockey for a spot w/their competitors, get less profit bc it must be split with brick & mortar establishments or Amazon (which takes HALF.. READ THAT- HALF of a seller’s profits!!!)… that’s MILLIONS of expense up front before even selling one unit. The basic idea behind mlm is that INSTEAD of spending that $$ on marketing, individuals get a piece for their word of mouth. & when u talk of “many levels getting paid”? We’re talking VERY LITTLE… I for instance get paid residuals thru my comp on over $300,000 worth of product being used in my downline. By I personally didn’t do much.. someone I brought in was a big high producing rep. So they got the bulk of commissions.. I got a very tiny percentage, but bc my group is so big, it’s enough to pay my bills. Yes some mlm have crappy products, sleazy reps, & inflated prices. JUST LIKE SOME TRADITIONAL companies/products. And some mlm have FANTASTIC, even cutting edge products, at a much better value. Retail sharing of profits & marketing costs are often far more than what u get commission in a good mlm. It allows for reps to make good money, while also having a healthy profitable company. Again- I’ve no idea if tower garden is good value, I’ve only vaguely heard of juice plus. But your foundational reasoning for much of what u say here is based on a fundamental lack of understanding of mlm… as a marketing model & what it is, & what it isn’t.

    2. Rob is not quite accurate.. Tower garden/JuicePlus is a direct sales company who has taken the best models from many different companies!! The only one to make a commission is the rep who sells the product!! He should really do his research before he bashes a company that truly cares about helping people and inspiring healthy living when there are so many diseases that can be prevented by living a healthier lifestyle!!

      1. Hi Jodi, Thanks for the comment. There are more ways to grow vegetables and eat healthily other than the juice plus tower garden. Just because I’m not a fan of MLM doesn’t mean I am bashing healthy eating or the tower itself. Juice plus are a MLM company. When a distributor buys a tower garden from Juice Plus their upline will get a commission. That is how juice plus works.

      2. Omg stop already! I know people who push this! One is a heavy smoker and one is severely overweight! Not only that… They are a mother and daughter team…. The mothers SON Is depressed and refuses to work… He also claims he has all these health issues… If they gave two craps about people… Don’t you think they would be giving him these “miracle pills“? Spare me! They are out to make $, PLAIN AND SIMPLE! I even said… Why don’t you give your brother the pills? She said “No way… I’m not spending that money on him”. Therefore, In her own admittance… It’s too expensive… And secondly… That shows me she doesn’t care enough about his health… And lastly… It’s just a crock of sh$t! And they know it won’t even help him! These people also sold it works… CBD oil… And every other thing to try to make and make a buck. Unfortunately for them… They are losing money and not making any. FACT

      3. Oh yes this is. I met some pretty awful people who were pushing this product. MLMs are usually not profitable for those getting into the business later. Beware.

  2. Hi Rob,

    Thanks for this honest review. MLM schemes are the worst, they sell low quality products for sky high prices. Of course people need to get rid of the sh*t they bought so they are going to promote it as the best out there. Lies upon lies upon lies to eventually end up nowhere. 🙂

    I’m interested in your solutions tho! I’d love to see an article on How to do it yourself. 🙂


    1. This MLM is represented by Registered Dieticians and some nutritionists, if you know the difference. When RD’s are creating ideas for healthier lives, it’s good to listen. Maybe you prefer if RD’s worked only in clinic hospitals and only sold big pharma solutions.

      Here’s the at home solution, buy some dirt, buy some seeds, add water and light. If you want a tower garden build it out of pvc, a bucket, and a water pump. I prefer to buy a good solution.

      I would by any product that is a good product i.e. solution, i plan to buy the Tower Garden after much research.

      To avoid products because they are simply MLM is just small minded.

      1. Thanks for your comments. I am not recommending in any way that people shouldn’t lead healthier lives. In fact quite the opposite. I am recommending that people grow food for themselves on this site. In my article I do say that the tower garden is a great product. I just think it’s a bit expensive. But that is just my opinion. And you are welcome to your opinion also. If people are happy to buy the Tower Garden then they should just go ahead and buy it. Thanks again. Rob.

      2. Correct. Its too bad that uniformed folks think that all mlm’s are so called scams. If they would do their homework, they might learn something. I’m a distributor with a 30+ yr old company. No scamming here.

    2. Juice Plus isn’t a MLM scheme. It’s been around for over 30 years & they actually provide warranty for parts within the tower system you purchase (better than any other I’ve found). Yes you are also paying your “friend/mother/neighbor” vs just a corporate office and at the same time they do a ton of charity work and provide these gardens…. so I suggest checking it out before slamming a MLM business.

      1. Thank you Cassandra for your comment. Juice plus IS sold using MLM strategies. I’m not saying it’s a scam. I’m confident the product is fine. I do say a number of times in my article that it is a good product and that if people are prepared to pay the higher price they should go ahead and buy it. But like all MLM products (and juice plus is a legitimate product) they make huge claims regarding their benefits. These claims are used to justify the high prices when in reality the high prices are there to pay commissions out on a number of levels. For example, the marketing materials for the juice plus tower garden say that it’s an aeroponic system. In fact it’s not. Areoponic systems create a steam/mist that the roots take up water and nutrients from. Juice plus tower garden is more like a drip system. So there is a false claim right there. Overall the Juice Plus Tower Garden is a good product though. I’m also glad to hear Juice Plus give to charities and that they have a solid warranty. This doesn’t however change the fact that it’s an MLM product.

        1. While MLM sales plans do add to the cost, I appreciate having the personal service. For example, my neighbor who sold me my tower also helped me set it up and made sure my seeds and plants all got off to a fine start. I don’t think I could have gotten successfully launched on my own so for me it was worth the higher price.

          1. Thanks for that input Rosada. Yes some people do like the personal service. As I keep saying Tower Garden is a solid product. If people are happy to pay the higher price they should go ahead and buy it.

  3. Hi Rob and Ann, Your website really offers some great ideas for people in different living situations to grown their own food, which I think is great! Will you be offering additional products for sale and reviewing additional products in the future? Also, I wondered if you could share more about what you grow yourselves and how much you grow at a time, etc? I don’t do any gardening myself but this is something I am still interested in as it may be something that I may do in the near future so it doesn’t hurt to learn what there is to know. Thanks for sharing all your helpful knowledge!

    1. Hi susan,

      Thanks for your kind comments. We ( Anne and I) have just embarked on this project which means that our discoveries shall be yours too. I am just working on an article outlining the six basic methods of hydroponic system that you can either buy or make yourself. That should be a good starter for ten for you:-)

  4. Hi, what a brutally honest review of the tower garden and I can’t believe how expensive it is for a piece of plastic! I imagine most people wouldn’t know about the commission on top of the product and that such products like these are sold this way – or may be I’m just naive about the whole selling process…. I particularly like your image of a vulture – it says it all in an image! Sammi

    1. The tower is more than a piece of plastic. What is the commission structure for juice plus. Whats wrong with folks earning a commission. Fyi, I’m not a distributor with juice plus.

      1. Yes it is more than a piece of plastic. I just don’t like Multi level marketing. The industry is fraught with wild claims surrounding products which generally don’t live up to the hype. Maybe Tower Garden is different, however to me the extra price is there to pay people down a number of levels in commission. Just my opinion.

  5. I like how you went into the fact this is a sales scheme while looking at the product its self. Also, you went into the hidden costs and whether a person could actually have time to do something like this. This was a very honest review and i appreciate that.

    Do you have any recommended products?

  6. Your site is great and I agree with you and you wife about the problems with chemicals in our foods.

    I think you should ad some links to site offering all natural product and herbs. If you need any help please let me know.
    very colorful and and rite to the point

  7. Thanks for this honest review. I am new to the juicing market and am glad that you have provided some insight. I have a basic question: Why not bypass these expensive gardening systems altogether and simply by high-quality organic produce for juicing? It seems to me that this would be easier and less expensive.

    1. Hi Mike. For some it may well be easier to just buy organic. But over time these growing towers will save you money. Many people also get a lot of pleasure from growing their own fruit and vegetables. It can be a sort of hobby for some. Every time you do it you can get a bit better at it until you are always producing great fresh fruit an veg. Some also believe that fruit and veg freshly picked is the best it can be for you. It;s not all about the money 😉

  8. Thanks for explaining some of the pitfalls related to the juice plus tower garden growing system! I was look for something to grow plants indoors during the winter. I honestly had no idea as to all the potential pitfalls that were associated with this system. I will definitely be looking at the Grow Up Hydrograden! Cool features and I love the price!

    1. Hi Eric, I’m not saying the Juice plus tower garden is bad. It’s just over priced because of it’s marketing strategy. Which is a bit annoying. Grow Up Hydro is a better choice I believe. Thanks.

  9. Hello, I like your idea to grow vegetables by your own. Of course it is not Victorian garden, but profit for health would be enormous. Nowadays when so many chemicals around and people do not know from
    where their food came fom, it is a great opportunity to take care of your own health. I see that price is low. Your review is detailed and informative.
    Thanks, Nemira.

    1. Hi Nemira, Thanks for the feedback. Yes we are looking forward to growing all our own food and becoming independent. Glad you liked the review.

  10. Thanks for a great review on the Juice Plus Tower, I love that you have really given some honest information here. Yes it looks nice but Grow Up Garden system looks just as good and certainly a lot cheaper.
    This might be a great idea for us as we are renting for starters, so to plant anything in the ground will not be great because then we move and have to leave it behind. We also don’t have much space outside so this will be perfect. I’ll definitely have a look at those products, thank you.

  11. My wife and I are looking to start our own organic garden. We are starting small of course, at first, and as we get the hang of it, we may grow it a bit bigger.

    We don’t necesarrily lack the space, so my question would be, is there an advantage, growth wise to using this method, versus, just your normal, on the ground garden?

    Second question, do you know how I could make these on my own vs. having to buy them? Or what site I could go to that has the directions to DIY tower garden?

    One last question, I really like your site, but I don’t see a sign up form for your posts or to a newsletter, do you have one? If not, please let me know when you do because I would love to sign up for it! 🙂

    1. Hi Jason,

      It is quite a debate between ground and hydroponics growing. Studies do seem to show faster growth using hydroponics. The theory being that, because the nutrients are delivered direct to the roots, the plants use less of their time and energy growing roots to find nutrients.

      Ground is good – hydroponics is just a bit faster and gives a greater yield.

      The other area i’m looking into, which is equally as fascinating is permaculture. This is the use of organic living soil. The soil can be fed with vegetable waste from your household. Specific grubs and worms are introduced into the soil that break it down to produce plant nutrients. This can be used in the ground or towers, which I will be featuring shortly. (This could be useful for yourself and your wife).

      Lastly – Yes you can make them yourself. I haven’t yet updated my site with info for that. But try googling “RainTower”, which is a great one to get you started. Small, cheap and great for beginners.

      News letter – well yes in the next couple of months. We have just started the site and have a lot to do! Many thanks for your interest. Rob and Anne.

  12. Very interesting read. I do see alot of salesy pitches for the tower garden from juice plus. Now I understand why. If I wanted to build my own can you please tell me all of the various components I would need to create a quality tower garden of my own?

  13. Hi Rob,
    That’s a very detailed review of the tower garden growing system and you’ve done s great job. The 5 pitfalls highlighted are quite on point- especially the sales vulture one. I never knew MLM products hike prices so as to benefit downlines of downlines.
    Thanks also for that hydrogarden option you’very reviewed.

  14. Hi,

    I like the idea of this sort of system, but I agree that $500 is vastly over-priced. Especially in comparison to other products on the market.

    I live in a flat right now, and whilst I have an allotment, it’s across town and not always easy to get to – especially after a long day at the office!

    Having a supply of fresh veg (especially greens) when I want would be excellent. Aesthetics have to play a part too, you don’t want something looking out of place, especially in a small space.

    Growing takes time, but that’s part of the fun, seeing the crop develop as you nurture it. It would be nice to have some veg available quickly though, which is where these products excel. I’m not so sure about the tower garden system, but the recommended product looks great!

    Thanks for the review 🙂

  15. Cool review, Rob.

    Definitely sheds some light on the intentions behind the producers of such a product. I love the fact that you can grow produce in such a small space, but you’re right – it’s easy to find alternatives that essentially do the same thing, even if they lack the aesthetics.

    Creating your own planters using a hydroponic system is another good alternative, though requires more space. However, the nutrient-enriched hydroponic system will increase your fruiting yield, which makes up for it, in my opinion! I simply suggest this because it isn’t too terribly expensive to create a homemade hydroponic system, so it may be a good alternative.

    I digress, thanks for the great review! I’ll be coming around now and again to see what other products you share insight regarding.


  16. My parents have recently moved in to a new build, having to buy new furniture and start the garden from scratch, so I reckon a tower garden growing system would be ideal.

    Thanks for sharing the 5 pitfalls to bare in mind with these garden systems, and I’m really glad you shared the positive points too!

    Neil 🙂

    1. Thanks Neil. These kind of systems are ideal for on a patio or even inside. They take a bit of getting used to but once you are up and running they can be fun.

  17. Hi Rob, I really enjoyed your comments about the Tower Garden Growing System. I did not know something like that could cost so much. Also, MLM in gardening, I am shocked! I guess the MLM’s are everywhere. I like the idea of growing things year round inside. As, I was reading your article I was envisioning growing tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, radishes and maybe some scallions? What other vegetables can you grow on this tower system? I really like the fact that this system has less bugs, pesty critters. I have never had my own garden outside, my parents alway did. I do remember working in the garden when we were teenagers. I really enjoyed your site and I am going to bookmark it so I can return to see your future blogs.
    With Kind Regards,

    1. Hi Linda,

      Thanks for your kind comments. Yes hydroponic systems do cut down on pests. You can pretty much grow anything you like with towers like this one. However larger plants may need some extra support. I’m just doing another review right now on a similar tower system. Please keep an eye out for that. Also maybe have a look at my page “What is Hydroponic gardening” to get some more information. Thanks. Rob.

  18. This is an extensively detailed review with an honest opinion and alternatives to tower garden growing. I’ve been looking for ways to extended the plant growing season as I love to eat my own grown tomatoes, lettuce and herbs. The Grow Up Hydrogarden seems like a great option for someone like me that doesn’t have much indoor space.

  19. Hi! Very wise and interesting MLM and gardening conjunction review. I never imagine that e.g. tomato could be counted as MLM vegetable. Next time I’ll ask sales girl in food market is this tomato MLM’s Tomato?
    It’s a joke, but yes, really memorable review and I never see such a planting tools.

    1. Ha – the tomatoes aren’t MLM! I’m happy that you enjoyed the review and great that you have been introduced to a new way of growing.

  20. I couldn’t agree with you more! Tower gardens are a great idea, but manufacturers of these growing devices are charging way too much. In addition, if one is really attempting a self sustaining lifestyle, one or five of these gadgets won’t cut it! I could give you a plan for making growing towers for free. It wouldn’t be pretty, but you would build it yourself, and as many as you need. the cost per unit would depend on your local hard ware stores prices. I’ll guess $40+ per tower. I have grown all my own produce this way, awhile ago, using four towers! Products like these are gimmicks for people who only want to feel they are taking charge of their lives. It’s an inspirational gimmick though. If you have the money, and only trust patented ideas, buy one, use it, and soon you’ll learn how to design your own, to suit your needs.

    1. Hi Sam. Great to hear that you grow your own food. Yes some towers are expensive. But for people that don’t have the time it can be worth it to buy a ready made one. On the other hand, if you do have the time it will save you quite quite a bit of money making it yourself. It all depends on the person and their situation. As you say it can also be a good idea to buy one and use it to learn from. Then from there make one yourself.

  21. Wow, your honest and educational review is enlightening. I love how you addressed all the pros and cons – really useful especially for those new to juicing like me. This opened my eyes and now I know what kind of questions to ask the next time I’m looking at a similar product. By the way, I really love your blog! I agree with your viewpoint on nutrition 100%.

    1. Hi Julie. Glad you appreciate the honesty in the review. It’s not all about juicing however. It’s more about taking over your own vegetable and fruit production. Hope you give it a whirl some time 🙂

  22. I’ve never heard the term ‘tower garden’. The image at the beginning of the article show exactly what this is. Seems like a great idea. The sales vulture looks like it is ready to attack. I must use caution when exploring the purchase of one these tower gardens. 🙂 I agree, that including the cons produces a better and more convincing review. Whenever I purchase an item, particularly online purchases, I always read the reviews with the least stars first, since these reviews usually provide more useful information.
    Perhaps, I could find out where the other end of the drain pipe is with the money going in. I’d really like to receive that money on the other end. 🙂
    Great review. These tower gardens are the skyscrapers of gardening; a great option when needing to grow up.

    1. Yes they are a great idea. And this one is pretty good despite the high price. If you are prepared to pay the high price however you are getting the rolls royce of garden towers.

    2. i am just exploring grow towers. can you provide more detailed information as to how to build your own tower like the garden tower 2 using kitchen scraps and worms in the middle like that product?

      1. Hi Suzanne, I’m not sure how to build the garden tower 2. It’s quite specialized. But you could probably buy various parts and assemble one yourself. I am about to do an article on home made hydroponic kits. That might be of interest to you. Thanks.

  23. Great review. I am always tempted by this sort of thing, though your review is a great reminder; we have the space and my partner has the ability; we can create something just as effective if not more so, much more economically. I appreciate that you are straight up in your review!

    1. Thanks Ilyssa, yes if you have space you can garden more normally. However, many claim hydroponics to be much more efficient. Glad you enjoyed the article.

  24. Thank you for showing me that there are alternatives to the expensive ones out there. I hadn’t even thought about how to build a system myself, but now you are giving me many ideas! The video is especially informative. In your opinion, which plants are best suited to a warm, humid environment?

    1. Building a system yourself is an option. Although, it’s not for everybody. Buying a pre-made system can save you a lot of time and effort. As for warm and moist climates, most plants will thrive in an environment like that.

  25. Thank you for the product review! Folks who enjoygardening are always interested in what’s out there to give them better results. Speaking for myself, I have always been curious about hyydroponics and how it fits my garden plan. I venture a guess that I am not alone. Those tempted to dip a toe into the process could be convince that a product like the Tower Garden would be a good way to do so. And not knowing enough, us novices would make the investment. Thanks for an informative article that will show us that there are less expensive ways too give it a try.
    Nice work!

  26. Never heard of this before, this is something that is new to me. I like the layout of your site and the information that you have here your viewers will find useful. I would would like to come back the latter sometime into the future Gods willing to learn some more of what you are offering here on your site.

  27. I am currently researching gardening options and found this very helpful. I do think with a little time and effort we can create things that work just as well and for much less money. We are lucky that we have the space though. I have lived in. I have lived in more urban areas where my options were more limited.

    1. Hi Iilysa, yes you can make your own more cheaply. However, that does take quite a bit of time and effort. So for those who which to get started right away and maybe don’t have the time to make one themselves buying a pre-made system is a great option.

  28. Hi Rob, nice article. I was curious if you had any feedback on the alternative ZipGrow Towers by Bright Agrotech? So far I’m a fan of them in regards to vertical hydroponic systems, they are very flexible to suit many types of spaces and even work well with aquaponics too. Quick disclaimer, I’ve been using them with great results, but not a rep or obligated to promote in any way. I also fully endorse DIY methods because it helps users actually learn the in/outs of their system and not become overly reliant on a specific brand. I’m not entirely opposed to the Tower Garden in itself, but too often I see these systems not performing like they claim and the cost for what it is seems exploitive. Lastly, they also claim that it is an aeroponic system, when in fact there are no sprayers or misters, so technically I feel it is more related to a vertical NFT system and they use the term “aeroponics” falsely. What are your thoughts on any of those aspects?
    Thanks for sharing your input!

    1. Hi David, thanks for the input. Yes the Tower Garden, to the purist, isn’t really an aeroponic system. I and others argue that it’s closer to a drip system. None the less it’still a very nice tower and works very well for many people. I am also a fan of home made too. However, I feel that for beginners buying a ready made system is a great way to learn. As for your Zip Grow towers I shall take a look! Many thanks. Rob.

  29. I have a question- we liked the tower garden because it included grow lights and we need to grow inside a city apartment… and we don’t have any real direct sunlight. Do you have any suggestions was to plant growing lights to go with the Grow Up?

    1. Hi Amy, thanks for your question. I haven’t seen the tower garden coming with lights included before. If you can get that it’s probably a good deal. I have to admit it’s the different towers that I know more about rather than the lights. However as so many questions are now coming in regrading grow lights I will be investigating that very soon.

  30. I may have missed it, but can you recommend nutrients other than the tower tonic A and B? I purchased the Tower Garden last year so I’m stuck with it for now. I like it, but the cost of nutrients is ridiculous! I was hoping to get a price break by ordering more than one, but the nutrients are $40 and shipping is $20, no matter how many you buy. There is no place that I can find that sells it, other than the website. Thank you!

    1. Hi Sharyl, I’m sorry for taking so long to reply. There are many other nutrient mixes available that will do just as well. You could try one the many hydroponics supplies and nutrient mixes on Amazon. Hope that helps.

      1. Thank you! I ordered it today. I see other people who have tower gardens have tried it with great success and the price is very reasonable. Thanks again!

  31. The Juice plus tower garden has some benefits that were overlooked in the review – for example, the 20 gallon basin means owner can add water less frequently; the seeds are planted differently (into rockwool and are inserted into the growing column with no loose medium that can wash down into the pump area (such as perlite, vermiculite, etc.); there is lighting that is made to fit the system for indoor growing and tomato cage fits onto system too. The system has ability to add on sections to accomodate 44 plants. In other words, the tower garden and the growup are different systems. Oranges compared to apples so to speak! Just saying…..not picking on the Growup but in this case, the price difference is warranted (only my opinion).

    1. Hi Tower garden lover, thanks very much for your extra info. I will add that to my article also. I’m always looking for extra input so your comments are very welcome.

  32. How is the Grow Up hydro an alternative to the Tower Garden? The Tower Garden is not hydroponic. Some people including myself who are into “aeroponic-like” setups are not going to buy a hydroponic setup no matter how much cheaper it is because we do not grow hydroponically, period.

  33. I would definitely pay the extra $200 for how much more pretty the tower garden is. Not to mention all the other benefits.

  34. Hi there. Thanks for your review. Wondering if any other towers come with the option for grow lights. I live where the growing season is short so being able to grow indoors is a must.

  35. But the grow up hydro doesn’thave any grow lights to support indoor GARDENING? Not all houses are made with a bright indirect sunlight. It just has the same concept with tower garden.

  36. Hi Rob. Great article. I purchased two tower gardens (one indoor with lights and one outdoor) from my sister in law back in 2020. Yes, they were a little pricey. Is it a great product? Absolutely. We have enjoyed gardening with these immensely. The grow lights allow me to garden year round with my indoor TG.
    I do wish I had done a little more research and looked into cheaper options before I purchased; however, I do not regret it.
    They get used and they have already paid for themselves in the money I save from growing my own food.
    My next venture is to look into making my own tonic.

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