Welcome to the ultimate Garden Tower Project review (Garden Tower 2 Review). In this comprehensive review, we’ll deep dive into the Garden Tower 2 exploring its features, functionality, and whether it’s the right choice for you.  We aim to provide key insights to help you make an informed and sensible buying decision.

Garden Tower 2 Review Garden Tower Project Review
Grow 50 Plants in a Small Space – Garden Tower 2

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Quick Summary:

  • Overall Rating 8.5/10
  • Retail Price: $499
  • Get A Discount Here:
  • Outdoors: Yes you can
  • Indoors: Yes you can
  • Area required: 4 SQ feet
  •  Material: food grade plastic, UV protected, made in USA
  • Growing capacity: 50 plants (can be extended)
  • Good to Go: Can Assemble At Home
  • Extras Required: Earth and Worms
  • Warranty: Full 3 years warranty
  • Lifetime: 7-12 years expected
  • Usability Rating: 9/10
  • Looks Rating: 8.5/10
  • Price: Rating 9/10
  • Fun Rating:9/10
  • Over All Rating 8.5/10

Garden Tower Project Review –  Pros & Cons

1) Pros

Space-Efficient: The Garden Tower 2 allows you to grow up to 50 plants in just 4×4 feet of space. This makes it ideal for small gardens, patios, or balconies.

Minimal Maintenance: Unlike traditional vegetable patches, the Garden Tower 2 requires no digging or weeding. Ongoing care only involves watering every few days. Maybe twice per week depending on surrounding conditions. 

Organic Gardening: With the Garden Tower 2, you can grow fresh organic food at home without the use of pesticides. This promotes healthier and chemical-free produce.

Composting Made Easy: The tower has a composting system in its centre which allows you to create nutrient-rich compost from kitchen scraps and worms. This gives a  clever, natural fertilizer for your plants.

Easy Assembly and Use: The Garden Tower 2 is designed for easy home assembly. It comes with videos and instructions to guide you through the process. There is no complicated process to go through for set up. 

Rotating Feature: The tower can rotate 360 degrees. Meaning you can rotate the tower to help all plants get adequate sunlight exposure. 

Sturdy and Durable: The Garden Tower 2 is made of food-grade plastic with UV protection. It is also designed to withstand outdoor conditions. It has a solid three-year warranty and is usually expected to last for seven to twelve years.

2) Cons

Cost: The retail price of the Garden Tower 2 is quite high at $499, which may be a large purchase price for some buyers. You can get a $130 discount here. 

Limited Growing Space: 50 plants is a great amount. However, some people may wish to grow more than that. 

Soil and Worm Requirement: You do need to buy your own soil and also provide worms. That isn’t too difficult though. Here is a link for worms. 

Potential Maintenance Challenges: Despite reducing overall maintenance needs, the Garden Tower 2 still requires watering, pest control and monitoring of plant health. It’s not a set and forget.

Plastic Construction: Some individuals may have concerns about the use of plastic materials in gardening products due to environmental considerations. However, the Garden Tower 2 uses food-grade plastic with UV protection. 

Why Choose Garden Tower 2?

No Digging Or Weeding: With  Garden Tower Project (also known as the garden tower 2) you don’t have to dig or weed at all.

Easy Maintenance: Ongoing maintenance is really easy with watering just  every week or two. You don’t really need to bend down either.

Tiny Space Required: The tower is only 4 feet by 4 feet so very little space is required. You can grow 50 plants in a very small space. A patio or balcony will be more than enough.

Popular: These guys have actually grown from a really small company to a massive national company in just a few years.  They started with their original tower, then recently released the garden tower 2.

Great New Features: Many new features make Garden Tower Project’s new product way, way better than their first.

Garden Tower 2 Review Garden Tower Project Review
Garden Tower 2 With Lots of Plants

Grow Organic: You can grow fresh organic food at home. No pesticides.

Easy Assembly: Assembly is very simple. Many videos are provided. Not that you’ll need them, but in case you do there are many on their you tube channel. See how to assemble here.

Video Help: They actually even have a complete set of short videos taking you through every stage of set up and use. From assembly to filling with soil, right through to the composting process, everything is covered. You can see them here.

Complete Assembly and Use Videos

Grow Many Vegetables: You could maybe have a continuous supply of vegetables or fruit for you and your family. This is because of the fifty growing slots that we keep banging on about.

Extendable: If that’s not enough for your appetites, you can even buy more plastic rings to extend the tower.

Rotates on Rollers: The new rotating function allows for even sunlight distribution and easy access to all parts of the tower. You can turn the tower to make sure all plants get an even share of the sunlight.

Compost Creation: You can create your own compost using the tower. Just put your kitchen scraps in the top. Worms from the earth section will do their work.

Please Note: don’t put the worms in the middle core. They go in with the earth.

How Does the Garden Tower Project Compost System Work?

Inside the core of the tower, worms with your food scraps work together to create the compost which helps feed all the plants in the tower.  You simply add food scraps and the worms do the work.

From this a run off liquid falls into a tray at the bottom and is collected for later use.  This is called “Compost Tea” or “Nutrient Tea”

Garden Tower 2 Review Garden Tower Project Review
Garden Tower 2 Composting Tower

You can easily access this nutrient dense fluid from the bottom of the gardening system. You then just feed it back into the top giving extra nutrients to the soil and the plants. Some customers say they put this in other areas of their gardens also

Find Out How It Works Here.

What are Further Benefits Of the Garden Tower Project?

Easy Watering: Watering is minimal, as due to the design, run off is retained inside the system. Water can be recycled as it is also caught in the tray at the base of the tower.

Garden Tower 2 Review Garden Tower Project Review
Garden Tower 2 Makes It’s Own Compost “tea”.

No Electrics or Pumps Required: There is no need for electric water pumps or electricity like hydroponic garden towers. Also as compared with hydroponic tower systems, there is no need for grow stones or grow medium. (Just soil and worms).

Plant from Seed: Plants can be planted from seed. There is no need to have starter plants.

Use Kitchen Waste: You can make use out of kitchen waste as part of your composting material.

Easy Maintenance: Minimal looking after. No weeding or turning beds like conventional gardening.

Food Safe Plastic: Food safety is guaranteed with the 100% UV stable food grade plastic.

Solid Warranty: The company gives a three year warranty. The manufacturer claims the device can last twelve years.

Garden Tower 2 Review Garden Tower Project Review
Features of The Garden Tower 2

What are the  Improvements on Last Time?

Better Nutrient Flow: 265% more minute holes in the core centre mean that nutrients will get to your plants much faster.

Less clogging is likely to happen: The compost goodness created by the worms and food waste can be transported more efficiently to plant roots.

Stacking & Nesting Planting rings: You can build planting layers which house the plants. These layers are easily stacked on one another vertically.

This means that the soil is not all in one big column lying on top of itself. It is in layers each supported by the plastic rings.

The soil is therefore less compacted and the roots can grow more comfortably. Roots can penetrate the soil better and more easily venture into the compost column

Rotating Tower: The tower can turn 360 % as it has a set of bearings that allow it to be turned around.

This lets you turn the tower whenever some plants aren’t getting enough sunlight.  Very handy for differing times of year. Also a great benefit if your garden doesn’t allow for the tower to  get sunlight on all sides.

More Details of the Garden Tower 2

Removable compost tea drawer and compost screen: Collecting “compost tea” from the bottom of the tower has just been made a whole lot easier.

Simply pull out the tray at the bottom and then pour the nutrients back into the soil or use in other parts of your garden.

100% Recyclable, Food-contact grade plastic: Specific plastic types have been left out including – No plasticizers, no BPA, no PVC, and no phthalates.

Only food-grade dye, antioxidant for long-term UV protection, and high quality USA made HDPE and polypropylene plastics have been used to make the Garden Tower 2.

You can be assured of safe vegetables and fruit grown in this structure.

Wider, Heavier, More Stable Feet: You can firmly attach the tower to any surface you like including a rooftop for example.

Each foot weighs nearly a pound a piece and gives far greater stability than the previous version.

Before feet were only sticks of wood and had to be stuck into the ground.

Now you can place the tower wherever suits you best. On a patio, on decking, on a roof, inside your house or on a lawn. Anywhere you fancy really

Far Sturdier and More UV Resistant: The Garden Tower has been built stronger and tougher than last time. It’s five pounds heavier than before and now contains the highest amount of food-grade UV protection available in the industry.

The company warranty is for three years.  It is expected to have a minimum of seven years usage according to the company.

They also claim that the seven years is a minimum expectancy even in very harsh climates.

What Can You Grow in the Garden Tower Project?

Actually almost anything. Smaller vegetables and leafy greens are best suited however. Bigger vegetables and fruits like squashes and melons can be grown on the bottom layer and allowed to trail onto the ground. Here is a selection of some vegetables that can be grown in the garden tower 2.

Here are Some Examples!

  • Tomatoes: People often choose to grow tomatoes with the garden tower.  They will need to be provided with extra support and plenty of water. However, if properly managed tomatoes flourish well in the tower. You can have a number of vines going at once giving you a huge supply of the red, juicy fruit.
  • Peppers: Peppers are a very popular vegetable and grow well in the tower. Like tomatoes, they need support and lots of water.
  • Cucumbers:  Salad vegetables are very well suited to the tower.  Cucumbers can be placed in the middle of the tower.  Add these also to increase your selection of tasty salad items.
  • Lettuce:  These grow nicely in the middle of the tower.  With some planning you can make sure you have a constant supply of these highly nutritious, leafy salad items.
  • Spinach: This grows best in the side pockets of the tower.  Get your daily dose of iron with readily available leaves.
  • Kale: One of the most nutritious plants available, this should be planted in the middle of the tower.
  • Radishes:  These fresh, tangy vegetables should be planted in the middle of the tower. They are a great addition to any salad to give it a light crunch and a slightly stronger flavour.
  • Carrots:  Great for soups, salads and stews. Plant near the bottom of the tower.
  • Beans: A great source of protein. These should be planted in the middle of the tower. They will need support though.

Look Here to See What Else You Can Grow


Things like tomatoes can be grown. Although, providing a bit of support with a couple of canes and netting would help them out nicely.

FAQ – About The Garden Tower 2 and Garden Tower Project

Q1: What is the Garden Tower 2, and how does it work?

The Garden Tower 2 is a clever vertical gardening system that enables you to grow up to 50 plants in a small, 4×4 feet space. It uses a convenient rotating design to help maximise sunlight exposure. It has a built-in composting system that recycles suitable kitchen scraps with worm castings. This automatically nourishes your plants.

Q2: What can I grow in the Garden Tower 2?

You can grow a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, and small fruits in this vertical garden tower. Most popular options include tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, spinach, kale, radishes, carrots, and beans. Thankfully, larger vegetables and fruits can also be grown on the bottom layer and allowed to trail down.

Q3: How difficult is it to assemble the Garden Tower 2?

Assembly is really straightforward and can be easily done at home. They provide detailed instructions along with step by step video guides to help you through the process. Most customers find it very easy to set up.

Q4: Do I need any additional materials, like soil or worms, to use the Garden Tower 2?

Yes, unfortunately you will need to provide potting soil and worms for the composting system. This will allow you to create a fantastic, nutrient-rich compost to feed your plants. Don’t worry because detailed instructions on filling and maintaining your gardening system are included. 

Q5: What kind of maintenance is required for the Garden Tower 2?

Thankfully, maintenance is minimal compared to traditional gardening. You will however, need to water the tower every week or two, monitor plant health, and occasionally add kitchen scraps to the composting system. On the plus side, there’s no weeding or turning of beds required.

Q6: Can I use the Garden Tower 2 indoors, like in a greenhouse or sunroom?

Yes, absolutely.  Your tower can be used both outdoors and indoors, as long as it receives adequate sunlight. It’s a pretty versatile gardening solution suitable for most settings. 

Q7: Is the plastic used in the Garden Tower 2 safe for growing food?

Yes. They are made with 100% UV-stable food-grade plastic. This ensures that your vegetables and fruits are very safe for everyday consumption. For example, there are no plasticizers, BPA, PVC, and phthalates. Because of this, you can feel safe eating vegetables grown using this home horticultural system. 

Q8: How long does the Garden Tower 2 last, and what kind of warranty is provided?

These towers are reportedly built to last. They do come with a three-year warranty, and are expected to remain functional for seven to twelve years, even in harsh climates. It’s a durable and reliable gardening solution. 

Q9: Can I extend the Garden Tower 2 to grow even more plants?

Yes, you can buy extra plastic rings to make the tower bigger and grow more plants if needed. This allows you to expand your gardening capacity. There are other add ons also. Take a look here. 

Q10: What sets the Garden Tower 2 apart from other gardening systems?

The Garden Tower 2 offers features that you don’t normally get on other vertical gardens.  The rotating function plus the ability to create compost to feed the plants all the way down the tower makes this garden tower quite unique. 

Any More Questions? – Click Here.

1) How Big or Small is Your Gardening Space?

Have a think about the available space you have for gardening or for placing a garden tower. The Garden Tower 2 is very convenient because it takes up very little space. So it’s ideally suited for small gardens, patios, balconies, and even indoors. All you need to do is make sure that you have slightly more than a 4×4 feet area to accommodate it.

2) What Do You Want to Grow?

Try to have a reasonable idea about what type of vegetables or fruit that you might be growing. The Garden Tower 2 is designed for growing a wide variety of vegetables, herbs, and small fruits. You can check the list of possible fruit and vegetables here. 

3) How Much Maintenance Are You Prepared to Do? 

How much time and effort are you willing to invest in gardening? The Garden Tower 2 requires negligible maintenance compared to traditional gardens. It takes away the need for digging and weeding. However, you will  still need to water it regularly and monitor plant health. It is not a completely set it and forget it device. 

4) What are Your Environmental Concerns? 

Many people might be concerned about using plastic materials in gardening for environmental reasons. To combat this, the Garden Tower 2 uses food-grade plastic with UV protection. It is made from 100% recyclable #2 HDPE.  There are no plasticizers, no phthalates, no PVC, and no BPA in the material. So as far as plastic goes this is up there with the best in terms of environment. 

5) What is Your Budget? 

At $499 the Garden Tower 2 is pretty pricey. However, if you consider that it may last up to ten years, and the capacity of 50 plants at one time, many believe this is good value. You can get a big discount here. 

6) Are You Ok With Composting and Worms?

What do you think of the idea of a living core to the tower? Are you able to get a hold of worms and soil to fill the middle? There is a little bit of maintenance involved there too.  Here is some great information and videos on this topic. 

7) How Much Sunlight Can You Provide? 

Do you have an outdoor space or somewhere that your Garden Tower 2 can get sufficient light? A patio, balcony or a large window that the tower can sit beside. This is of course very important for the plants to be able to grow properly. 

8) Longevity and Warranty

This product comes with a three year warranty and is  expected to last up to twelve years. Are you expecting to use the tower for a number of years? Do you think you will get value out of it by using it for multiple years? If so you can go ahead and buy it. 

9) Do The Features Suit Your Gardening Needs? 

There are more features to the Garden Tower 2 than the average vertical garden tower. A composting core, swivelling columns, and a fifty plant capacity. You need to ask yourself if  you will use all these features? It is not really worth it if you are not going to use all the features. 

10)  Have you Read Reviews and Testimonials?

Keep on reading this article to see reviews that we selected. They will give you an overall view of what customers think of the Garden Tower 2.

What Are Customers Saying?

As usual we had a look at all the major merchant sites and some forums to see what customers are saying about this product. This way we can give you a rounded perspective of opinions and not just our own.

Amazon – 18 reviews – 4.5/5 stars

Almost all customers are giving the Garden Tower 2  full marks with a  5/5 star rating.

Out of 18 reviews 16 people gave 5/5 stars. The two critical reviews were only giving 1/5 star rating.

It turns out one of the negative customers was actually reviewing the wrong product! The other negative reviewer had made a mistake in the use of the tower.

Customer service had actually replied to the comment on Amazon and were already offering to take him through the issue and get it sorted for him.

A good sign that the company wishes to help people with issues. We couldn’t find comments on Home Depot or Costco.

Yes there were testimonials on the Garden Tower Project main website, but of course they would all be positive.

Here are some other quotes from customers on Amazon.

“Live in an Apartment? Get this tower!!!”

“The G2 is far better in many ways”

“New gardener and I love this product”

“Beautiful Garden Product”

Garden Tower Project Review (Garden Tower 2 review) Verdict

The Garden Tower Project have made a great job of improving on their first product. The Garden Tower 2 in a vastly better vertical garden with all sorts of extra functions from the previous version.

Rave reviews from customers on Amazon about both the product and the back up service from the company give us great confidence in recommending this item.

Yes, it is quite expensive but if you can afford it and use it properly, it should pay for itself in the first year.

We stand by our own 9.0/10 rating.

Best Place to Buy the Garden Tower 2?

There are a few merchants selling this product. Full retail price is set at $499.

Although their own site often has the best deal it’s easier to order with soil and other extras from amazon. This way you can order everything you need from one place.

Have a look for yourself and see what the current best offers are.

Best Price: Website Here

Most Convenient: Amazon

What do you think?

If you have any extra questions about this product please ask in the comments below.

If you love it or hate it please let us know.  Any experiences you would like to share or any other products you would like us to review get in touch through the comments below.

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