Make money From Your Hobby

How can I make money from a hobby?

It’s completely possible to make money  from a hobby or interest. You really can make some extra $$$$ by just telling others about it.

Thousands and thousands of other people are doing this already and the online opportunities are literally endless.

How does this work?

There are just five simple steps to telling the world about something you are interested in. Then you can start making those $$$$$.

Step 1) Pick an Interest.

Think of an area that you’d like to tell people about.

This could be a hobby you are actively engaged in or just something you are quite interested in.

E.g. golf, cycling, skiing, swimming, tennis or any sport you might enjoy doing or watching.  Woodwork, joinery, DIY or just about anything. Clothes, beauty, fashion …. anything!

You could even chose an intellectual area like science, history, biology, environmental issues etc etc. Whatever interests you.The list is endless.

As you can see from this website, I picked growing food at home as my area of interest.

Just chose something you enjoy and off you go.

Step 2) Start a Website or Blog in Two Easy Clicks

Yes you can start a blog in two clicks of a mouse!

  1. Pick a template
  2. Press go
  3. You have a website !

Yes, it’s that easy. As soon as you have your own website you can get started and tell the world about your interest.

Do you know how to use Facebook? Can you upload a photo? If you know how to do that, you can make and run a website these days.

The interface has been made so simple that you don’t need to know anything about programming or serious computer stuff.

Two clicks of a mouse then your website is ready to go! Start your website now.

Step 3) Find Products Related to Your Interest

There are millions of products to promote. Companies like Amazon and Walmart and thousands of others allow you to link to their website and make some money.

This is a whole industry and it’s called affiliate marketing.

Step 4) Get Visitors

You do this by writing articles and getting on the first page of Google searches. (Not as hard as it sounds). Did you come to my site from a google search? Exactly.

It’s really not difficult to get on the first page of a search when you know how. There are very simple ways to get your page to the top of google searches.

Again no technical knowledge is required, nor is it complicated.  It’s incredibly uncomplicated.

I am no technology expert yet my small website has it’s pages popping up on the first page of google searches all the time.

Step 5) Make Some Money

Your pages will appear on the first page of Google searches.  Visitors will read your articles. They will then click on links and buy products that you are talking about or advertising.

The more pages of your website that you make, the more visitors you get, and the more money you can earn.

This isn’t the only way to make a few $$$$. There are all sorts of ways you can earn extra $$$ once your site has visitors. Not just from product sales.

Make money now.

How do I learn about this? 

This whole concept is called affiliate marketing. (Linking to other people’s products and getting a small commission.)

There are a lot of online courses and books to help you learn this.

But ……. Be Very Careful!

Be very careful. There are so many scams out there. They either charge ridiculous prices or sell you courses that don’t even tell you what to do properly.

In the beginning, I bought a lot of bogus courses which taught me very little. Some also gave me very little support in my learning journey.

I wasted so much time and money trying to find the right course.

Then, eventually I found a website called Wealthy Affiliate.  They are completely different to the others.

They helped me follow the steps I have outlined above. They also provided support all along they way.

Now, I have a small website making me money every month. The more I build out this website, the more money comes in every month.

The future is looking very bright.

Go and try their website for free. You don’t need to put any card details or anything like that.

Just name and e-mail and you can try out their website for seven days.

Please Note: This isn’t a get rich quick scheme. Like any other genuine business, to make any serious amount of money will take time and hard work.  But for those that are prepared to work hard and build a large website (100 pages for example) they really can do very well. The harder you work, the more money you can make. 

Please ask any questions in the comments below. I will be happy to answer for you.  Best of luck. Rob. 

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