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Hi there my name is Rob.

You can get all the latest news and reviews for growing green food at home right here.

I have created this website to save you heaps of time.

It also allows me to make a bit of an income while living in Thailand.

Let me trawl through all the product reviews and customer write ups on the the internet to give you the full picture of what’s going on.  Hear from real customers and not just people selling products.

Get a fully rounded view on all things for food growing in your home.

As I have no single affiliation with any one product I can give you an honest opinion on what’s out there.

So if you’re looking at gadgets for growing fruit and veggies at home please stop off here before making a decision.

With all the hype surrounding GMO’s and pesticides it sounds like a good idea to start taking control of your own food production.

Satisfaction from growing your own food is another reason. We believe home grown tastes way better too!

We ourselves have a keen interest in producing our own food. Let us pass on our discoveries and help you along the way.

Whether you have acres of space or just a meter or two, keep your eyes on this site for great solutions to suit you and whatever space or budget you may have.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch through the comments section below.

We look forward to helping you.

Rob and Anne.

8 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. I was at a garden show and came across the Juice Plus Tower Garden. I was hooked! Fortunately, I did some review research, because the price… Whew! I like the Grow Up unit, but here’s the issue: The one, single, overriding reason I want to grow in this manner is because I lack any place in my yard that has more than 4 hours of sunshine a day. The clip-on grow light system of the Tower Garden seemed ideal, and still does. The Grow Up unit site actually encourages buyers to use natural, outdoor light, but acknowledges grow lights can be used, and then gives no advice on types or how to use one. I have to use a light… I live in an old urban area with lots of huge trees and houses close together, so even in dead of winter I don’t have a single south-facing window that gets enough sun. What sort of product/set up would you recommend? I’m old-school… have large hosta gardens, chickens, I compost… this new way of gardening is odd to me, but I’ll try it if it means I can actually have a vegetable garden again! I also realize that the larger, fruiting plants need real sun.

    1. Hi Julie thanks for your question. Yes the Juice plus tower is a bit expensive but it’s also a top quality product. If you are having light problems I have two suggestions. First one is to get a wall mountable light that you can shine on your tower. Or you could buy the Garden Tower 2. This has the capability to be rotated so you can give it a turn every couple of days to make sure the plants are getting an even spread of light. This isn’t hydroponic but it is a tower that you can use in small spaces. Hope that helps. Rob.

      1. Hi.

        I enjoyed your article. Well done. I’m on the fence of the tower garden and the cheaper model (leaning towards that) that you recommended on Amazon.
        My concern is more of health. My wife and kids health is most important. We know that processed food is bad so we want to take action of our health. That said, what are the implications of eating from these tower gardens made of plastics and chemicals and solutions we put in them? Eventually those get to the plants we eat and part of the reason we choose to go this route is to not eat sprayed fruit and veggies. Aren’t we just doing the same thing?
        Maybe you could do a piece on that or answer me directly.
        Thanks for your post!

  2. Just wanted to suggest you look at Zip Grow Towers by Bright Agrotech, USA. They have a wall unit and also single towers for installing in hydroponic or aquaponic systems. I have used the zip towers for lettuce and herbs indoors with lighting. I believe this would compliment the posts you have create. Thanks

  3. Hi Rob!
    Your objective and information reviews have been useful. I appreciate your writing style and focus on growing green food.
    Thanks for sharing your story and continuing to reach out to the western world from your Asian location.
    If the compensation is justifiable, please continue to review products. Your blog is the best I have seen on this topic.

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